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Stitchinc is not just a brand, it’s a dream which came to life in the year 2016. It was co-founded by brother duo- Dinesh Devdas and Sandeep Devdas. 

Both set the equilibrium right with their individual knowledge and skills. While Dinesh is the ‘numbers guy’ as he pursued MBA in Finance and graduated from Coventry University, United Kingdom in the year 2012, Sandeep brings his impeccable creativity to the table. After completing his diploma in Fashion Merchandising and Design from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Sandeep groomed himself and polished his skills in the export and manufacturing industry for more than 2 decades.

So, when and why did the idea of Stitchinc come from? ‘Thread’ is indeed ‘threaded’ in Devdas brothers, courtesy their father, Mr Devdas Vasudevan, who owns an Export firm- Dev Exports, in Mumbai. Like any other Indian household, as kids, they accompanied their father to the factory, where they learnt the nuances of stitching, production and imbibed whatever they could at a young age. And that’s how their love affair with fabric and needles started. 

As Dinesh completed his MBA and secured a plush job in London as a Purchasing Manager in a FMCG firm, the entrepreneur in him didn’t let him have a goodnight sleep. Living up to his legacy, he packed bags and returned to India, to realise his dream and start the clothing brand- Stitchinc, with his support system, his brother. 

Fashion is for all but style is personal and that is what we aim at Stitchinc. Create your own style, don't just follow the trend. Our clothes, weaved in premium quality fabrics, make you fall in love with yourself- and that’s what is of utmost importance, isn’t it? Created keeping your comfort in mind but not compromising on the style quotient, each of our outfits is designed with a lot of thought and care. 

Our motto is to bring fresh looks, exclusively designed in-house with an efficient team handling designing and detailing, to our customers. At Stitchinc, quality means everything and that’s why we follow a strict quality control procedure to make sure that our customers receive nothing less than the Best. 

Above all, one look at our collection and you would know how effortlessly our styles can make you stand out in a crowd. When you’re in our outfit, it’s time to say goodbye to thoughts like- ‘It looks extremely chic but gosh, I am dying in discomfort!”

So, can you think of any reason to say, “Why not Stitchinc?!”

In today’s times, affordability drives a major portion of one's decision-making. Be it a house, car or an outfit, everyone wants it at the best price. Our products are priced wisely and it is never going to drill a hole in your pocket. While you get value for your money, we get a happy customer. 

Convenience is another important factor in completing the distance between liking something and buying it. Stichinc is available on the digital platform where you can get whatever you like in a few clicks. We have an extremely user-friendly website, Instagram and Facebook page.